Motors For Bikes

   Put a Gas Motor on Your Bicycle
   Get up to 150 miles per gallon
   50 – 75 mile range per tankful
   $159.95 per kit – easy install.
   You Choose: to Pedal or Use Motor.
   Start Motor even while pedaling.
   Save up to $300/mo on Gas!
   (or choose Electric Motors Below
   for shorter range (up to 25 miles?) )

Cost Comparisons: If You Go 100 miles/day, 22 days/mo:
Vehicle mpg Gas Cost
Car 25 88 gal $352
Motorcycle 50 44 gal $176
Bike Motor 150-100 14-22 $56-88

   Gas Kits generally include:
   -80cc 2-cycle Engine
   -Teardrop 2 Liter metal gas tank
   -44 tooth chrome sprocket – 9 holes
   -Magneto with kill switch
   -Chrome exhaust pipe
   -Upgraded clutch lever can cable
   -Twist throttle and cable
   -Drive chain idler
   -Carburetor assembly
   -CD ignition assembly

Gas Bike Motors usually get 100-150 mpg. (varies by the weight of you & your bike)
A tankful should get you 50-75 miles.
Order Now from Amazon (Amazon sells it cheaper than we can buy it for)

Specifications: 80 cc Motor: 1 cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke
2 Liter Fuel Tank – Mixing Ratio: 16:1 new, 20:1 after 130 miles
Max Speed: 38 KM/h = near 25 Miles/Hour / Ignition: C. D. I. Ignition

Gas Motor Kit from Amazon:

2 stroke single cylinder natural air cooled;Brand New, item ship from US, estimate receiving time 2-6 business days.
Max Speed: 25-38 mph;Oil Consumption: 2.5L/100km;Weight:10.92Kg
Fuel Type:Gasoline 93#;Mixing Ratio of Fuel and engine Oil: 10:1 for new sets, 14:1 or 16:1 after running 50KM;Please use premium quality oils to prolong engine life
Fit bicycles whose lower tube diameter is no more than 32mm. Larger frame size requires a frame adaptor which is NOT included in this kit.
The rider only needs some basic hardware skills, tools, and around 2-3 hours for installation and fine tuning adjustments. Add some lubricant into the air cylinder before starting

Electric Motor Kits for shorter distances than with Gas

One drawback to the electric bike motor kit is the price / power / weight of the battery.
Lead-Acid Batteries are cheaper but are heavy and don’t last as long.
New technology has brought in Lithium Batteries which last around 1000 charge cycles (about 2-5 years, depending on the rider), and cost over $300. Most people calculate that the money saved from gasoline or transit fees still make them cheaper in the long run.
Another problem is that bikes with electric motors don’t go as far before needing recharge.

36V 500W Front Wheel Electric Motor Kit from Amazon for 26″ Wheel
Provides you with a whole wheel with tire, not just the tire frame Takes less than hour to install
The kit includes motorized wheel, motor controller,thumb throttle, power break lever, wire harness
Quiet and reliable brushless gearless hub motor, Brake shuts off motor automatically, saves energy, improves safety!
Drive system has no moving chains or gears, no friction, more efficient, less chance to break!, Thumb throttle with 3 LEDs indicator lights
Durable 600D Oxford cloth carrying bag along with a zippered main compartment for battery
(36v 11Ah Lithium Battery / 36v 20Ah Lithium Battery)

48V 1000W Rear Wheel Electric Kit from Amazon
LCD Display to show battery power, time, speed, mileage and gears
Pedal Assistance System (PAS)to let you enjoy cycling while driving electric bike
Dual Mode Controller to extend life for electric bike
Disk Brake to extend life time for the brake, much sturdier than V-brakes
Provides you with a whole wheel with tire, and takes less than hour to install.
A 20 Ah Lithium Battery will get you about 25 miles @ 32mph or 50 miles @ 15mph.
(48v 15Ah Lithium Battery / 48v 20Ah Lithium Battery)

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Electric with Wheel

Electric with Wheel

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A Motor for Your Bicycle<br> 100-150 mpg / to 25 mph